Our Values

We believe it’s essential to move towards the most sustainable production practices, and are committed to continually improving our environmental impact. We avoid a seasonal approach to design, focusing on creating clothing that is long-lasting and adaptable. Szep pieces are made to be reliable wardrobe additions, to be worn often and anywhere, layered up or pared back. Our aim is that they become go-to items for years to come, the opposite of throwaway fashion.


Szep purchases are wrapped in biodegradable garment bags and shipped in recyclable mail bags. By producing based on demand with our limited edition drops we reduce potential waste, guided by direct feedback from our customers to ensure we’re always in touch with what our Szep community wants. Our use of recycled fabrics is an increasing focus for the company, and the vendors we work with provide certifications including the Global Recycled Standard, carrying out checks that the recycled content of material is as has been described, that good working conditions are maintained during manufacturing and that the use of chemicals that may be harmful to the environment are restricted. Other certifications adhered to include the BSCI, which also provides important ethical standards for labour practices. We are continually working on minimising Szep’s ecological footprint. Our current major undertaking is ensuring that all of our designs are created from sustainable materials, and we will keep you updated as we set and achieve new goals.