About szep

Founded by Chloe Szep in Melbourne, Australia. Szep merges two of Chloe’s loves together, health and fashion. SZEP aims to encourage a healthy lifestyle, while looking and feeling good. Our philosophy centres around high quality designs and fabrics. We want you to feel special. This is why we only release our activewear in limited runs. Designed by Chloe with you in mind. Each piece will encourage you to push your limits. Are you ready to take the next SZEP?

Why szep?

At Szep we take pride in what we produce. That’s why every piece starts with a sketch which is then thoughtfully brought to life by a team of experts. Our process may be longer than other brands, but we believe in slow fashion that puts quality over quantity.

All designs start with an idea from Chloe Szep, who is involved in every step of the design and fit process to ensure it is in line with what the Szep Squad expects. We use high quality fabrics from ethical mills and suppliers. All of our fabrics are tried and tested with the Szep team to ensure they stand the test of time.

Our brand prides itself on high quality limited-edition and on-demand drops to reduce wastage and excess in landfills. This allows us to measure desire for certain products prior to manufacturing. By partnering with an Australian design and production agency, we are able to have strict control over our production whilst keeping as much of the process in Australia as possible. Our agency ensures Szep is ethically manufactured in carefully selected factories which adhere to international standards, with bi-annual audits by both our agency and third-party regulators.