Meet Our Founder: Chloe Szepanowski

Chloe Szepanowski
Today we chat with our founder, Chloe Szep. We cover all things from starting a business to maintaining a work/life balance. We hope you are as inspired by Chloe's journey as we are. 
1. What inspired you to start Szep?
Creating a brand of my own was something I had always wanted to do however as it wasn't something I had done previously, it was challenging to begin the process. I would consider myself as someone who has had an entrepreneurial spirit since a young age so I knew that it was possible. The early stages consisted of drawing outfits that I would love to wear and creating mood boards for inspiration. I pride myself on generating ideas that are authentic and aligned to me. 
I absolutely love the creative process of starting a brand. Its new, fresh and exciting - a journey. To me, it feels as though I am creating an extension of myself and my values. When beginning, I was very interested in fitness and fashion so I merged the two and started the research process. Ensuring I didn't stray from ideas that aligned, the process continued to grow and from their, SZEP was born. As I have grown, the brand has grown with me.
2. What has been one of your biggest challenges in business? 
The biggest challenge I’ve found in business has been trying to find work/life balance. Having your own business is so incredibly rewarding however it is equally as demanding. Its 9-5 + all night, it never really stops. There are so many moving elements that I am responsible of keeping track of. It often feels like wearing 10 hats in 1. I always like to view any challenge as an opportunity for growth so the journey has always been worth it. Seeing everything come together to launch the end product is a feeling like no other. 
3. What is your favourite Szep combination at the moment?
I love the black Iris Bra in Deep Black and the Athena Hot Pant. Both of these items are from the Move Collection, the first collection released since the new era of SZEP. The material is so buttery soft and the styles fit perfectly. 
4. What are you most excited for that is upcoming for SZEP?
I’m really excited for our July and August ranges! There are some amazing pieces to be launched. The style I'm most excited about is a full length jumpsuit as it will be the perfect maternity piece as well as being suitable postpartum. I'll be pairing it with an oversized jumper for the cooler days. Look out for our July and August collections, there is a lot of new pieces due to arrive. 
5. Advice you would give your younger self
Don’t mould yourself to fit in because you’ll lose yourself every time!
6. What are 3 things you do to maintain self care and balance?
Move my body daily and eat whole foods. Talk to a psych so things don’t build up and cause imbalance. I’m still learning to speak my truth and being true to myself, not moulding. Learning and growth never stops, it is a lifelong practice.