We are delighted to feature Pilates & Barre Instructor: Teneesha Close

We are delighted to feature Pilates & Barre Instructor: Teneesha Close


We are delighted to feature Teneesha Close (@comeflowwithtee, Pilates & Barre Instructor on our blog. In this inspiring post, she shares tips to bring overall harmony to the body and mind. 

Describe your journey to becoming a Pilates & Barre Instructor

I grew up dancing and loved all movement that focused on flow. When I stopped dancing, I tried many new forms of movement from touch football to weight training. Nothing was making me excited to get to my next session. When we were in the first lockdown, I was doing YouTube workouts and this how I discovered Pilates. I absolutely fell in love. Pilates got me up every morning when I could have very easily stayed in bed. I finally got my flow back and it played such an important role in my mental health during those unprecedented times. So, I followed my heart and enrolled in Pilates Teacher Training! Barre teacher training naturally followed.

What’s something you do that always makes your day better?

Self care always, baby! When I am not in a rush to teach an early morning class, I really love to take my mornings nice and slow. Put on a podcast, make a matcha latte and set up an ideal day. Self care looks a little different every time. Living intuitively and listening to your body is life changing! 

Are mindset practices a large part of your life? We love how inspiring and uplifting you are on your socials!

Gratitude is everything! Cultivating gratitude and practicing mindfulness are of such value to me. I’m a Psychology graduate so I am very aware of the neurological benefits of gratitude so I vouch for it, hard! I could go on for days about it but I’ll save that, and just encourage you to express your appreciation for that special someone, place, activity, or feeling… Right now!

What inspires you?

My own imagination has really been inspiring me lately. I have really big goals and I never stop dreaming. Manifestation is so real and I have so much trust that the Universe will let me experience exactly what I need to. That itself is inspiring. Getting clear on my goals using my big imagination is how I get the ball rolling. I follow some really inspiring Instagram accounts that help me build my ever evolving imagination. 

What do you love about being a Pilates & Barre Instructor?

I love the community. Being an instructor has allowed me to connect with the most beautiful people. I adore all of the hardworking members at my studio and watching them grow and flow daily. Also, connecting with likeminded teachers, students and lovers of Pilates and Barre all around the world! Thanks Insta Xx

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