Need some fitness inspo? Meet @ruby.fogarty

Need some fitness inspo? Meet @ruby.fogarty

Ruby Fogarty is a Gold Coast based Personal Trainer. Her fitness page consists of twerkouts, dancing, exercise ideas and foodspo. We caught up with Ruby to discuss her fitness journey, her best training tips and what she's most excited about for 2022.
How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
If I had to only use three, it would be
  • Energetic
  • Motivated
  • Kind

 What’s your favourite way to start your day?

 My favourite start to the morning is definitely my morning sunrise walk and coffee. I’ll either walk with a friend or listen to a podcast, but this is my “me” time and I love it! This is also when I plan my day roughly and note down the things I need to complete that day.

 What helps keep you motivated?

 Motivation is not always there but my environment plays such a large part. I am constantly surrounded by like-minded and supportive people who encourage me to keep on track with my goals. Since putting more effort into friendships and finding “my people”, I’m a lot happier, which means motivation for things such as work and gym is a lot easier to find.

 When motivation is lacking though, I always give myself a few little goals to work on each day which gives me that extra push!

What are your goals for 2022?

 My goals are mainly around work and business related things, but I really am keen to build my PT cliental and potentially get into online coaching.

My mental health goals are more about improving my relationship with myself and positive self-talk. I think people often forget that goals can be made for every aspect in their lives, and for me, having positive relationship with my mind and body is the building block for my happiness.

How did you know you wanted to become a PT?

I played competitive hockey for Western Australia for about 10 years, so by nature I was very into my health and fitness. I then moved to the Gold Coast to play hockey and study Sport and Exercise Science at Bond University which I finished this year. I began my study unsure of what I wanted to do, but as I expanded my knowledge through the course, I really fell in love with weight training.

What’s some advice you would have for someone who wants to start training?

 Firstly, just start. The more you put it off or procrastinate it, the more anxiety you will have surrounding exercise. Also make sure to start with something you love- a group class, free weights gym, running, Pilates, yoga, ect…

If you specifically want to start weight training, I recommend starting with a PT or group classes which are more specific, just so you can learn correct form and do things safely.

And then finally, if you try something (for long enough) and don’t enjoy it, change it up. Don’t be afraid to try lots of different things and change your routine up when you’re feeling it. No form of exercise/training is perfect or right for everyone!