Interview with Lisa Nicolaisen - Pilates Instructor & Founder of Body Pulse Pilates

Interview with Lisa Nicolaisen - Pilates Instructor & Founder of Body Pulse Pilates


Lisa Nicolaisen is a pilates instructor and founder of Body Pulse Pilates. She is passionate about health and wellness and brings you a daily source of inspiration on her Instagram account @lisanicolaisen

This month at Szep, we interviewed Lisa:

Tell us about your health and wellness journey and how you came to start practising Pilates.

My love for health and wellness started young and movement has always been a huge part of my life. During my dancing years I learnt so much about the importance of taking care of your mind and body which has led me to where I am today. Whilst I was dancing full time I was also taking Pilates classes to help strengthen and overcome an injury I had at the time and build lean muscle throughout my body. This is when my passion for Pilates began. I noticed how incredible my body responded to this practise and it was something I then wanted to teach and pass on to others to help them move better and feel their best.

We love the recipes you share on your Instagram! What healthy recipe do you live by during the summer?

Cooking and creating healthy recipes is a huge passion of mine. In summer I crave lots of fresh produce and my go-to would be tofu rice paper rolls with a peanut dipping sauce. It's jam packed with flavour, so nutritious and so tasty! 

What’s your favourite way to start your day?

My morning routine is very important to me and definitely sets the tone for the rest of the day. I love to start my morning with movement on the mat, sometimes I wake up craving a slow stretch, or a sweaty Pilates class … and that’s the best thing about my online platform, there is so much variety to fit every mood. I like to wake up early enough so that I have enough ‘me’ time which includes movement, coffee, and fresh air. I’m also so excited summer is here as I love to take my morning workout outdoors and go for an ocean dip… there’s nothing more refreshing!

Any tips for beginners in Pilates?

My best advice is that we all start somewhere and it's best to strip it back to basics and enjoy the process. I think it’s very important for every client to learn the principles and correct technique to ensure a safe practice. Another tip is to not beat yourself up if you need to take modifications or you need to take an extra break… Everyone's journey is so different and that’s the beauty of Pilates.

Your retreats look so fulfilling & tranquil. Do you have any exciting retreats coming up in 2022?

Thank you! We had such a great response from these retreats and hosting them would be one of my main highlights of 2021. No date is locked in for 2022 as of yet… but stay tuned! There are SO many exciting things to come for Body Pulse Pilates.

Lisa is featured in the Cream Active Swim set.