@junclarekim on creative ways for styling activewear

@junclarekim on creative ways for styling activewear

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In our first instalment, we spoke to Melbourne style queen Jun Kim (@junclarekim) about her take on athleisure. Read on... 

What's your individual approach to style?

I’ve always been a firm believer in wearing clothes that make you feel the most ‘you’. Fashion is such a powerful signifier of who you are and who you identify as! In such a visual-oriented society, fashion to me is so important as a tool to make an impression on the world. When I create an outfit, I take into consideration the outfit’s aesthetic and practicality as well, because why not be comfortable while looking great?

Szep Oversized Bone Tracksuit styles with Black Twist Top

What are some key wardrobe pieces you wear during the winter months?

During winter, I always ensure I have a warm puffer jacket (for more casual looks), a solid selection of jackets and blazers, and knee high boots! These can ensure that you stay warm but fashionable during the cold winter months - I personally hate the cold but love winter fashion, so it sort of works out for me!

What is your favourite way to style activewear outside of the gym?

My favourite way to style activewear outside of the gym is to wear it with a blazer, a button up shirt & chunky shoes or boots. I am a strong believer in versatility, and if something that isn’t traditionally considered ‘normal’ clothing can be styled normally, I am all for it!

Melbourne influencer @junclarekim styles Szep

What is your advice for people wanting to get creative with styling basics? 

The best advice I can give is to layer your clothing! Layering not only gives a practical aspect to your outfit (ie. if it gets too hot you can take things off) but also creates dimension and complexity to any of your outfits. Another way to get creative is to change up how you wear certain pieces ie. wearing your shirts or blazers with the sleeves rolled up, draping your jumper over your shoulders instead of wearing it, wearing socks to match the colour of your outfit etc!

Jun styles the Oversized Bone Jumper, Bone Track Pant & Twist Top.

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