Talking all things fun & fashion with our dancing queen @emmaclaiir

Talking all things fun & fashion with our dancing queen @emmaclaiir

We absolutely love your fun, free spirited energy! Where do you find your daily inspiration from?

Aww thank you so much! If I’m being honest my daily inspirations come from me! I wake up every morning and decide the type of day I’m going to have. Sometimes I wake up feeling amazing and having a good day is easy but other days I wake up and I feel not so good. On those days I like to pump some good music, dance around the house and sing out loud. I then automatically feel ready for the day. I think sometimes we spend too much time trying to find inspiration from others when in reality it can be right inside us, we just have to give it space to come through :)

How did you start you Instagram & TikTok channel?

I actually started my social media career because I got fired from my previous job! At the time it felt like the worst thing that could happen to me but I used that struggle and pain to pursue a career I actually wanted to do and knew I would love doing. It’s been a tough journey getting to where I am today with my socials but it’s always been super rewarding and I couldn't picture myself doing anything else.

Emma Claiir TikTok Influencer talks Style Inspiration

5 pieces of clothing you cant live without are...

OOOOO this is tough ahah! I would definitely have to say A good pair of blue denim jeans, a basic white and black top, a leather jacket, my converse or air forces and then lastly a good set of black active wear.

Give us your fave styling tip!

Have fun, There is no right or wrong when it comes to styling outfits. If you feel amazing in it then that’s all that should matter. People always ask me how I pull off so many different styles and it’s because I dress for me and me only and there is something so empowering about that. Another little tip I have is just keep it simple and don't be scared to mix and match :)

Your favourite Szep piece is...

Definitely the level up shorts! They are so comfy and perfect for not only training but also everyday things. You can dress them up or keep them looking like activewear :)

Emma styles the Mauve Square Neck Crop & Level Shorts.